Ciprian Dulca-Marcov

Product Design Lead, Urban Sports Club

Profile Picture: Ciprian Dulca-Marcov

Deborah made a tremendous impact during her time as our Interim Chief Product & Technology Officer (CPTO for short, but I hate acronyms!) at Urban Sports Club. As a Product Design Lead reporting directly to her, I was fortunate to witness her genius firsthand.

She’s super smart, humble, and always acted like the ultimate pro. Deborah had this magic ability to get things moving in our team. If we had an idea, she’d turn it into action faster than I could blink! She always thought two steps ahead.

Most importantly, Deborah truly excelled in ensuring our Product Strategy seamlessly integrated with every department and discipline, especially within Product Design. She skillfully ensured that we all shared a common understanding, working hand in hand toward our collective goals.

But it wasn’t just about her strategy skills; Deborah taught me so much. From her, I’ve learned invaluable lessons that will undoubtedly shape my journey as a leader.

Even though she was only here for a bit, it felt like she’d been with us forever. Deborah, your time here made a huge impact, and we’re so grateful for your wisdom and leadership.

I truly hope our paths will cross again in the future.