Through fostering effective team dynamics I develop strategies that challenge the market, drive digital transformation and integrate relevant technologies to future-proof organisations.

Project duration is typically 6 to 12 months on a full-time basis.

Interim Chief Product & Technology Officer

Urban Sports Club 

Sports, Online bookings, B2C, B2B, B2B2C

At this European health and fitness company I oversaw operations across three business verticals, provided executive and departmental support during a transitional phase. I managed the product, design, data and engineering departments with 8 direct reports in a 60+ FTE organisation.

• Profitability: Restored company profitability and boost EBIT through strategic leadership support and the implementation of numerous efficiency measures.
• Platform Integration: Initiated plan for unifying two platforms into a single architecture, reducing operational complexity and delivering significant cost reduction.
• Data Warehouse Strategy: Stopped an inefficient, high-cost-undertaking data warehouse project, transitioning to a streamlined cloud implementation, delivering value in months (not years!).
• Organisational Transformation: Restructured the Product & Technology department to provide a scalable structure, enhancing coordination between different teams in delivery towards varied customer groups.

Head of Product Strategy 
ABB DV    
Electric Vehicle Fleet Management, B2B, B2B2B
At ABB, a global leader in technology and electrification solutions, I crafted a SaaS agenda and platform strategy for B2B electric fleet management, positioning ABB as a leader in electric vehicle transition and charging operations.

• Strategic Platform Development: Transformed multiple disparate product initiatives into an overarching long term platform strategy with a 1-3-6 year horizon plan and revenue expectation.
• Data Orchestration: Coordinated a tactical agenda to address multivariate data requirements, ensuring security, GDPR compliance and appropriate data handling.
• Commercialisation: Established co-innovation program with key customers [i.e Daimler Trucks] in enhancing product roll out and commercialisation strategy.

Product Consultant 
Fashion, eCommerce B2C, B2B, B2B2C
My role was specific to supporting the product organisations with the development of multiple strategic initiatives

• Infrastructure Development: Organised and developed the strategic initiative to launch a new backbone services infrastructure for all Merchant Operations, aiming for a B2B2C model within the Zalando ecosystem.
• Customer Validation: Validated the requirements of the new merchant infrastructure with key brands.
• Negotiation & Roll Out: Planned the integration agenda with internal logistics, partner management and marketing teams.
• 3D Mapping & Integration: Supported the Size & Fit department in rolling out a geometric visual mapping tool aimed at reducing ecommerce returns.

Interim Chief Product Officer
eCommerce, Warehousing, Logistics, B2C
My role involved supporting ongoing product strategy and operational enhancements for a B2C ecommerce platform specialising in fashion and ophthalmologist eyewear. I oversaw Product, Design, UX and Category Management, with 5 direct reports in a 30+ FTE organisation.
• Augmented Reality Launch: Introduced AR product for virtual glasses try-on, cutting physical trial operational (logistics and damage) costs.
• ERP Integration Improvement: Enhanced online-to-offline integration and stock management via MS Navision evaluation, addressing scalability challenges.
• Customer Journey Strategy: Developed a holistic view of customer friction points and value drivers to identify new business opportunities and revenue opportunities.
• Revenue Development: Contributed to revenue objectives with the roll out of a personalisation strategy using Machine Learning.
• OKRs & Agile Thinking: Supported the leadership team in rolling out OKRs and Agile methodologies.
• Business Strategy Evaluation: Assessed strategic opportunities in new subsidiary channels and technology stacks.

Launch Consultant

Voice Activated Devices
Roll out support for a bluetooth in-car audio-command device. 
• Team Alignment: Addressed and resolved mismatches between hardware, firmware and software delivery teams across China and Germany, ensuring coordination and collaboration.
• Launch Planning: Coordinated launch planning across technology, logistics, marketing and PR work streams.

Digital Expert Associate Partner 
Digital McKinsey & Company   
My role was specific to bringing practitioner expertise to Management Consultancy. Providing support for clients entering or expanding their digital business ambitions.
• Digital Hub Establishment: Established €65 million revenue growth strategy for an international fashion brand through establishing digital infrastructure, transforming bricks-and-mortar operation and transitioning focus towards direct-to-customer initiatives.
• Agile Transformation Leadership: Established a change program for a global accounting and business management firm to improve operational efficiency. Supported the initiative with digital tools and process, RPA implementation and KPI performance management frameworks.
• M&A Consultation: Assisted a global airline in evaluating ‘buy’ scenarios for a new digital venture in customer acquisition, detailing revenue growth, operational models, and risk analysis
• Customer Service Infrastructure: Led digital transformation initiatives for a global paper supplier, introducing ML chatbots and evaluating full AI solutions for customer service.
• Product CoE Establishment: Contributed to the creation of an internal Product Centre of Excellence (CoE), introducing frameworks, developmental pathways, structured learning programs, role definitions, documentation and a knowledge hub.

Agile Transformation Consultant
Eleven Management Consulting
Supporting transformational and digital business work.

Product Consultant
Consultation for a range of elearning endeavours on user engagement, usability and product development.

Interim VP Product & Technology  
eCommerce, Travel, B2C, B2B
At this global travel company, I oversaw Ecommerce and SaaS platform operations across three business domains. I managed a €25 million budget and supervised 12 direct reports within a 160+ FTE organisation spanning Germany, Poland, and China. I was responsible for the Product, Design, Data Analytics and Engineering teams.
• Machine Learning for Efficiency: Reduced operational effort by 50% with predictive occupancy analysis initiated through a machine learning program, strengthening both client negotiations and tech leadership reputation.
• Infrastructure Modernisation: Implemented a service-oriented architecture, enabling new business functionality delivery for B2C, B2B and subsidiary operations. Migrated a subsidiary platform and decoupled the End Consumer (B2C) Booking platform.
• Organisational Transformation: Implemented a transformation restructuring framework emphasising modern team structures, fostering agile and digital-first thinking.
• Project Management Steering: Supported and reported progress of key strategic initiatives PCI compliance, AWS migration and APAC (API) performance initiatives.
• Development Hub Strategy for Shanghai, China: Established the strategy, budget and hiring schedule for the development hub in Shanghai, China.• KPI Reporting: Suported and reported progress of key strategic initiatives PCI compliance, AWS migration and APAC (API) performance initiatives.

Head of Product 
ShareTheMeal [United Nations World Food Program]    
Charity, Mobile, Social G2C
Responsible for the redevelopment & redesign of the native apps in preparation for global launch.
• App Redesign & Restructure: Led the complete redesign and restructuring of native apps, focusing on user experience, technical enhancements and backend delivery requirements.
• In-App Messaging: Delivered in-house in-app messaging functionality to enhance marketing efforts for reactivation and retention.
• Global App Store Features: Secured features on global launch in both Android and Apple app stores through native design requirements.
• Mobile Payments Initiative: Supported efforts to implement mobile payments (first Android app with in-app mobile payments for an NGO).
• Awards: Received awards including the SXSW Interactive Innovation Award, Google Play Award and Shorty Social Good Award.

Director of Product Development 
Zanox [Axel Springer]    
AdTech, RTB & Affiliate, B2B
Lead Product Management in a transitional phase.  Responsible for Product, UX & Content teams, I led 4 direct reports in a 15+FTE organisation
• Strategic Development: Developed a mid to long-term strategy integrating marketing automation, RTB, digital customer journey & attribution and multi-channel targeting with cross-device capabilities.
• SAP Implementation: Co-finalised the implementation of SAP, achieving a fully functioning shadow implementation after 6 years of unsuccessful attempts.
Financial Management: Managed CAPEX reporting, budgeting and capacity planning.
• Customer-Centric Product Approach: Implemented a customer-centric product approach, leveraging customer focus groups and analytical/behavioural data to create strategic quarterly product roadmaps and associated KPI reporting.
• Internal Marketing Overhaul: Introduced an overhaul of processes for internal product marketing and communications.
• Innovation Stream: Launched an innovation stream to road-test new technologies.
• Stakeholder Integration: Developed a stakeholder integration strategy through a transparency program and ‘feature pitches’.

Head of Product Development 
SEO, Payments, Content Marketing, B2B, B2C
This project was predominantly to deliver better product results and restructure the Product & Engineering department for a suite of platforms working in emerging markets, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Turkey & Russia. 
• End-to-End Process Implementation: Implemented an end-to-end process for both product and engineering teams, resulting in smoother development cycles and faster product deployments.
• Engineering Team Restructuring: Restructured engineering teams and introduced Scrum methodology.
• UX Integration: Introduced UX practicalities to the product development of the ‘Deals platforms,’ leveraging user research and data insights.
• SEO Driven Taxonomy: Built an SEO-driven taxonomy for effective tagging and product clustering.
• Deals Platform Rebranding: Led the ‘Deals’ platforms rebranding initiative, significantly reducing bounce rates.

Head of Product 
Travel Portal, eCommerce, Marketplace, B2C, P2P
My role encompassed providing leadership & building a strategically driven Product Department, setting out the roadmap for the ongoing initiatives across both the web platform & mobile applications. I was responsible for Product & UX teams.

• Company Objectives Realignment: Collaborated with CEOs to realign the company’s objectives, resulting in a mid-term vision and strategy.

Senior Product Owner API, Mobile, Partnerships
eCommerce, Marketplace, B2C, P2P
Responsible for both the creative & technical concept of a suite of mobile applications & the API driven partnership objective.
• Production Roadmaps & Technical Infrastructure: Delivered production roadmaps, established a technical infrastructure knowledge base, coordinated strategic partner requirements and introduced an external program compliance framework.
• Optimised Internal Communications: Implemented new reporting procedures and optimised communications from internal teams to the product department through standardised communications, workshops and feature presentations.
• Mobile Apps Strategy: Developed the overall strategy for the mobile apps suite (phone/tablet).
• API Infrastructure & Partner Development: Led and project managed the API infrastructure build and partner development program.

International Project Manager 
I-ways Sale Solutions    
eCommerce, B2C
Responsible for day to day project management and team coordination.
• Platform Management: Managed 13 ‘platform-similar’ coupon website builds across Eastern Europe, the Baltics and South America ensuring coordinated deployment cycles, streamlined feature requests, language delivery and management communications.

Product Manager
BBC Radio Academy
Delivery of a video content elearning web application (both front-end & custom CMS).

Senior Product Owner 
Ace Ventures [StudiVZ]    
Geo-Location, User Generated Content, Social media
Responsible for the design and delivery of a new strategic endeavour to compete with Facebooks timeline.
• Product Management: Managed the product development of a web-application using the OpenSocial framework for the MeinVZ/StudiVZ social network (16+ million users).
• Concept & Feature Development: Developed the complete concept and feature set.
Platform Integration: Scheduled the product for integration into the central platform.

2002 – 2009
Digital Agency Owner
Founded and managed a digital agency specialising in diverse services, clients included industry leaders such as ArcelorMittal, Factiva (Dow Jones & Reuters), Rubbermaid, STA Travel, Sedifrais and LabGroup. I provided end-to-end web and multimedia application development, covering ecommerce platforms, marketing solutions and gaming applications from concept to execution.

ArcelorMittal  Project Development Lead – Online Publishing, Digital Platform
Bristol Council Air Pollution Live Update Application
Factiva [Dow Jones & Reuters]  Project Lead – Multimedia, E-Learning
Comigel  Corporate Website Development  
Rubbermaid   Multimedia Promotional Landing Websites
Vanksen Media   Project Manager – Guerilla Marketing
Synergy   eCommerce Development
STA Travel   In Queue Management System
Jamendo   Project Manager – Guerilla Marketing
Sedifrais   Multimedia development, E-Learning

New Media Producer 
Lexington Multimedia     
As a digital media agency my work involved research of initial concepts through design and development of web sites, multimedia applications & interactive gaming.
• Website Proposals & Client Pitches: Prepared website proposals and client pitches focusing on online strategy, including branding, customer acquisition and ROI.
• Client Reporting: Introduced individual client reporting with design and progress overviews to encourage and maintain client feedback.
• Standardised Client Contracts: Established standard working client contracts with a modular add-on philosophy

Web Designer
Art of Computing   
My role encompassed client consultation, market research and the design and development of SME websites. I contributed to service development, handled the creation of proposals, cost estimations and provided comprehensive development overviews.

World Traveller