Through fostering effective team dynamics I develop strategies that challenge the market, drive digital transformation and integrate relevant technologies to future-proof organisations.

Project duration is typically 6 to 12 months on a full-time basis.

Chief Product & Technology Officer

Urban Sports Club

My role as interim CPTO was to provide both the executive management and department support during transition.

• Initiated the implementation of a new architectural microservices infrastructure, serving as a foundation to merge two platforms into one.
• Conducted a Product & Technology organisational transformation.
• Supported the Executive team through strategic decisions bringing the company back into profitability through numerous efficiency measures. 
• Managed & led 8 direct reports in 60 FTE organisation.

Head of Product Strategy

ABB E-Mobility

My role is specific to the development of the overarching digital business and product strategy with additional organisational development to meet fast growth expectations in the B2B market.

• Facilitation of digital business objectives & overarching product vision in an unclear market establishing customer research as a central focus to drive product-market-fit.
• Orchestrated data landscape for the development of both product initiatives & competitive business requirements.
• Setup Product Horizon Roadmap (1-3-6 year strategy).
• Supported key working arrangements with global co-collaboration partners for the roll out of new products.
• Supported GDPR setup with complex privacy components.

Product Consultant

My initial role was specific to the organisation and development of the strategic initiative to launch a new backbone services infrastructure for all Merchant Operations (with a view to B2B2C) within the Zalando eco-system.
• Validating the purpose with key customers and merchants. 
• Supported Product teams in preparing their visions and capacity planning.
• Negotiating with internal suppliers; logistics partner management, marketing about integration plans.

Additionally I supported the Size & Fit department with numerous endeavours for personalised recommendations, with a focus on the roll-out strategy for a geometric visual mapping tool.

Interim CPO

My role as Chief Product Officer was to support the product strategy and transformation objectives. I was responsible for leading the product, ux and category management teams.
• Launched innovative product solutions to adopt new technologies in Augmented Reality and Machine Learning.
• Drove Customer Journey initiatives for identification of friction points and value drivers.
• Contributing to revenue development objectives with personalisation strategy objectives.
• Supporting the leadership team in the roll-out of OKRs & Agile Thinking within the organisation.
• Evaluated business strategy opportunities within new subsidiary channels and opportunity lead technology stacks.

Launch Project Manager 


Roll out support for an in-car audio device. My work incorporated establishing the final alignment between the software and hardware delivery teams and launch planning to coordinate the different work streams across; technology, logistics, marketing and pr.

Associate Partner

Digital McKinsey
My role was specific to bringing practitioner expertise to Management Consultancy. Leveraging my previous experience in the consultation or advisements for clients entering or expanding their digital business ambitions.
• Supported the lean transformation objectives for a global accounting and business management firm; leveraging internal data to provide valuable customer-driven digitization initiatives and supported building KPI performance management frameworks.
• Worked with international fashion brand for Digital Business Transformation; Established the foundations for a Digital Hub, developed the ‘capability building’ strategy, supported with business planning & financing, integrated supply chain digitisation topics, establishment of the roadmap for omni-channel e-commerce venture and coordinated marketing requirements.
• Consulted a global travel company on ‘buy’’ or “build” scenarios for exploration into digital ventures.
• Consulted a global paper supplier on customer service infrastructure, introducing digital landscape, chatbots and evaluating A.I solutions..
• Established the Product CoE internally as part of a core Expert team, introducing; frameworks, developmental pathways, structured learning programs, role definitions, documentation and knowledge hub.

Agile Transformation Consultant
Eleven Management Consulting

Supporting transformational and digital business work.

Product Consultant


Consultation for a range of elearning endeavours on user engagement, usability and product development.

Interim VP Product & Technology

Responsible for the department across Product, UX/UI, Digital Analytics and Engineering area in 3 different business domains, over 3 locations, managing a budget of 25€ million. 
• Introduced cross-departmental project initiatives for End Consumer Conversion Rate uplifts, resulting in additional revenue.
• Finalised delivery of new End Consumer Booking platform (BETA) on new stack.
• Evolved standard product development practices, introducing data-driven thinking, customer centricity and centralised roadmapping.
• Restructured department including; roles, responsibilities, teams and reporting lines (including introduction of People Managers).
Implementation of a transformation framework to bring forward modern team structure, agile- and technology driven thinking (with a focus on autonomy).
• Introduction of OKRs – Objective based targets methodology. 
• Supported in project management orchestration and reporting of all top 4 technology priority initiatives including; PCI compliance, AWS migration, APAC performance.
• Introduced ML objectives to reduce Sales overheads in B2B repeat business.
• Ongoing coaching and development of persons within the transformational framework.
• Managed and lead 10 direct reports in 160 FTE organisation.

Head of Product

ShareTheMeal [United Nations WFP]

Responsible for the redevelopment & redesign of the native apps for a global launch.
• Lead the complete redesign & restructure of the native apps user experience, supporting the technical & backend delivery requirements.
• Awards included SXSW Interactive Innovation Award, Google Play Award, Shorty Social Good Award

Director of Product Management

Zanox [Axel Springer] 
Leading the Product, UI/UX and Content Creation domains, I established the core strategy and coordinated transformation topics.
• Development of a mid-term strategy with inclusion of marketing automation, RTB, digital customer journey & attribution, multi-channel targeting and cross-device capabilities.
• Development of quarterly product roadmaps and associated KPI reporting (both quantitative and qualitative analyses of product deployments).
• Co-finalised the implementation of SAP, successfully achieving a fully functioning shadow implementation (after 6 years of failed attempts). 
• Managed CAPEX reporting, budget and capacity planning.
• Introduced an overhaul of process for internal product marketing and communications. 
• Introduced innovation stream to road-test new technologies.
• Introduced a stakeholder integration strategy through transparency program and ‘feature pitches’.
• Restructured the product organisation and introduced stronger adherence to Agile principles.

Head of Product Development
This project was predominantly to restructure the Product & Engineering department for a suite of platforms working in emerging markets, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Turkey & Russia. Key successes included;
• Implementation of end-to-end process for both product and engineering teams resulting in smoother development cycles and faster product deployments.
• Restructuring of engineering teams and introduction of Scrum.
• Coordinated a deployment cycles program and delivered product agendas. 
• Introduced UX practicalities to the product development of the ‘Deals platforms,’ supporting the leveraging of results from user research and data insights. 
• Built an SEO driven taxonomy for effective tagging and product clustering.
• Lead the ‘deals’ platforms rebranding initiative, with substanstial impact on bounce rates.

Head of Product

My role encompassed providing leadership & building a strategically driven Product Department, setting out the roadmap for the ongoing initiatives across both the web platform & mobile applications. I was responsible for Product & UX teams.
• Worked with CEOs realigning the company’s objectives, resulting in a mid-term vision/strategy. 
• Managed 8 direct reports

Senior Product Owner API, Mobile, Partnerships

My responsibility was for both the creative and technical concept for a suite of mobile applications (iPhone, Android, iPad)
• Delivered production roadmaps, technical infrastructure knowledge base, coordinated strategic partner requirements and introduced an external program compliance framework.
• Implemented different reporting procedures and optimised communications from internal teams to the product department through standardised communications, workshops and feature presentations.
• Developed the overall strategy for the mobile apps suite (phone/tablet).
• Lead and project managed the API infrastructure build and partner development program.

International Project Manager
I-ways Sale Solutions

The management of 13 ‘platform-similar’ coupon website-builds across Eastern Europe, the Baltics and South America.

Product Manager
BBC Radio Academy

Delivery of a video content elearning web application (both front-end & custom CMS).

Senior Product Owner
Ace Ventures [MeineVZ]

Responsible for the product management of a web-application build utilising OpenSocial framework for the MeinVZ/StudiVZ social network (16+million users). 
• Development of complete concept and feature set.
• Product was scheduled to be integrated to central platform.

Web & Multimedia Agency Owner

Responsible for managing a number of web & multimedia projects from initial inception through to final deployment. Full circle services included; website development, design, usability topics & interface design, CMS implementations, eCommerce, internationalisation, deployment & ongoing management. Clients included: ArcelorMittal, Jamendo, LabGroup, Factiva (Dow Jones & Reuters), Rubbermaid, Comigel Europe, Vanksen, STA Travel, Frères des Hommes, Sedifrais, Aide à l’Enfance de l’Inde, American European Insurance, Ara City Radio, LuxAirport, Luxembourg City Tourist Office.

New Media Producer
Lexington Multimedia

As a digital media agency my work involved research of initial concepts through to design and development of web sites, multimedia applications and interactive gaming modules. 
• Prepared website proposals and client pitches with emphasis on online strategy (branding and ROI)
• Introduced individual client reporting, with design and progress overviews to encourage and maintain client feedback.
• Took lead on advising customers about usability, ‘web’ marketing, digital branding and search engine strategies. 
• Established standard working client contracts with modular add-on philosophy

Web Designer

Art of Computing
My position involved client consultation, market research, design and development of SME websites. I took part in the development of services offered, whilst handling the production of proposals, costings and development overviews.