Following are references from key mandates over the years.

VP Technology

Italo Vietro

VP Technology, Urban Sports Club
“She came in, saw the big picture, and laid it out for us – super helpful in setting our department’s direction.”

Amr Basha
Head of Product, Urban Sports Club
“Above all, Deborah was a coach, a mentor, and a guiding force.”

Profile Pic: Eric

Eric Heymann
Former CIO, HRS
“…Her experience is a huge source for powering digital businesses, developing ambitious but realistic product strategies including vision and mission.”

Profile Pic: Christian

Christian Bick
Former Technology Lead, ShareTheMeal (UN WFP)
“… Always open for suggestions and feedback, she seamlessly moved between product and technology aspects to identify the best viable solution within the project’s tight constraints.”

Product Design Lead

Ciprian Dulca-Marcov
Product Design Lead, Urban Sports Club
“Deborah had this magic ability to get things moving in our team.”

Head of Operations

Stephan Pavlovic
Head of Operations, Railslove
“…I really enjoyed the combination of technology understanding and creative product thinking…”

Profile Pic: Bhavana

Bhavana Gupta
Former Product Design Lead, Zalando (Size & Fit)
“…Deborah rolled her sleeves and got in the trenches immediately – always staying calm and keeping the team focused on the big picture.”

Profile Pic: Joseph

Joseph Pelrine
ex. McKinsey Digital
“…I was immediately impressed with Deborah, but during the time worked together, her understanding of product management and ownership became clear to all who worked with her.”

Stas Hagemans
VP Product, Urban Sports Club
“Her ability to at the drop of a hat, decompose larger and more complex problems into small changes can be mind-blowing when it happens.”

Profile Pic: Simas

Simas Aleksiejunas
Former Product Owner, zanox (Axel Springer)
“… I really enjoyed working with Deborah, because she created a collaborative working environment, and empowered the team to take ownership and drive product development forward.”