Italo Vietro

VP Technology, Urban Sports Club

profile picture: Italo Vietro

Working with Deborah was an immense pleasure. She joined Urban Sports Club as our Interim CPTO. Her time with us was short, but she left a mark – especially on our Product Development department.

Straight up, Deborah brought clarity through the tough times we were going through. She came in, saw the big picture, and laid it out for us – super helpful in setting our department’s direction. It was reassuring to have such clear guidance, especially amid all the usual craziness.

She is a big advocate for Agile in the organization. Agile is not something you can only implement in Software Development; instead, it has to be adopted company-wide. Deborah knew this and educated our C-Circle, helping them understand the importance of agile and how a product-led organization can thrive.

She helped us implement many initiatives, from a new organization model called the Bee Model to introducing RPA and Digital Twins concepts. These had a huge positive impact on our teams.

Another thing I personally owe her big time for is getting us more face time with the C-Circle. It’s a big deal for an engineering team to get that exposure, and Deborah made it happen. It’s opened doors and created opportunities that I’m super grateful for.

And, you know, she’s also been a mentor to me. Her tips on structuring my communication more effectively? Absolute lifesavers.

In short, Deborah’s time with us was brief but loaded with impact. We learned a ton, and she positively shook up how we approach product development. Fingers crossed, we get to team up again in the future.