Amr Basha

Head of Product, Urban Sports Club

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I had the distinct privilege of working with Deborah at Urban Sports Club, where her leadership and guidance were instrumental in my development as a product leader. Deborah’s role in shaping the Tech Leadership team, and her impact on my professional growth, was nothing short of transformative.

From my first steps in a leadership role, Deborah was there to guide and support me. She not only helped me establish a robust network of stakeholders but also taught me how to engage and collaborate with them on a leadership level effectively. This skill has been crucial in my journey as a product leader.

One of Deborah’s significant contributions was increasing our visibility and support at the C-level. Her strategic approach and clear communication ensured that our product development leadership team was not only heard but also actively supported by the top executives. This was a game-changer for us, as it opened doors to new opportunities and resources that were previously challenging to access.

Deborah was instrumental in restructuring our department using the innovative Bee/Hive model. This approach not only optimized our workflows but also fostered a more collaborative and efficient environment. Her vision in implementing this model demonstrated her forward-thinking and her commitment to creating a dynamic and adaptable team structure.

Above all, Deborah was a coach, a mentor, and a guiding force. She challenged us to push our boundaries while providing the support and guidance needed to navigate those challenges successfully. Her balanced approach of coaching and managing helped me, and many others, grow not just as professionals but as visionary leaders in our field.

Deborah’s tenure at Urban Sports Club was a period of significant growth and learning for me. Her leadership style, strategic thinking, and the personal interest she took in our development were truly inspiring. I am grateful for the time I spent under her mentorship and look forward to the possibility of working together again in the future.