Stas Hagemans

VP Product, Urban Sports Club

Stas Hagemans

I had the lovely experience of working with Deborah in 2022 when she joined Urban Sports Club as our interim Chief Product and Technology owner. While her remit was that of an interim, Deborah hit the ground running helping us shape the department, organisational setup, and the strategy for the years to come.

Deborah’s working style is that of: “get shit done”. Assessing the big picture, finding what needs to be adapted and improved and what can come later, and then starting that process. Her ability to at the drop of a hat, decompose larger and more complex problems into small changes can be mind-blowing when it happens. She does this with her trademark positive style, which is infused with empathy, knowledge and support where needed.

She is a builder of relationships at every level of the organisation. Easily switching from conversations with engineers and product managers to guiding the C-level towards the right decision. The key strength in the relationships she builds is the fact that they are more than functional and needed to get results. They are actual relationships that have proven to last far longer with regular meetups in Berlin and Amsterdam.

On a more personal level, working with Deborah is easy and relaxed. She prides herself on always being accessible, always giving advice, and always ready to provide some radical candour to coach people the people she manages. The long summer nights with the team in Berlin proved that she was more than an interim CPTO.

I am confident that Deborah will bring the same passion, innovation, and leadership to any organisation fortunate enough to have her on their team. She is a visionary leader who is always one step ahead, and any company would be greatly enhanced by her presence. Grab her while you can!