Bhavana Gupta

Former Product Design Lead, Zalando [Size & Fit]

profile picture: Bhavana Gupta

Deborah and I overlapped for only a few months, and it was the best collaboration I had at Zalando. Deborah joined the team as the Head of Product. It was a tumultuous time – the product team was non-existent and we were trying (& failing) to test an emerging technology (3D scanning & modelling visualization). Deborah rolled her sleeves and got in the trenches immediately – always staying calm and keeping the team focused on the big picture. She did whatever needed to be done to get us to an MVP & validation state – product planning, hypothesis development, roadmap, business cases & then user testing with me. She had tough stakeholders and constantly shifting priorities. I lost hope sometimes, but Deborah kept us going. After we finished the MVP validation, she laid out a growth plan and horizons for the product.

Deborah is a fun collaborator and brings the team together with her unassuming humility. She has a deep knowledge (as evident from her long career and experience). I hope I get to work with her again.