Charity Work

I regularly involve myself with charity endeavours. I have a focus on women and children from disadvantaged backgrounds, especially gaining access to education.

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St Nicholas Mission Academy [2020/2023]. St. Nicholas is a community school situated in Kokrobite, Ghana. At present, I am assisting them in devising strategies to secure stable funding and explore potential avenues for self-sufficiency through commerce initiatives.

Sadala Community Centre [2019]. 

Kwasadala is a small market village located approximately 30 minutes from Moshi, Tanzania. During my visit, I dedicated time to assist a friend who manages the small community center that provides vital support to widowed women in the local community. I organised donations to meet various needs, such as medical assistance and ensuring children’s education requirements, including uniforms, books and fees. 

I further offered guidance in enhancing the center’s overall operation. This encompassed various aspects, including digital requirements, potential sources of funding, content guidelines and marketing objectives. Furthermore, we developed a comprehensive business plan and funding strategy to establish a self-sustaining chicken farm.

Volunteer West Africa [2015]. The VWA was an organisation that operated a local nursery program and outreach services in Kokrobite, Ghana. During my three-week stay, I initiated the construction of a library for the local community and provided additional support for the nursery activities through creative workshops. I also conducted visits to various outreach programs in slums and remote villages, aiming to assist local women and schools in gaining a deeper understanding of the challenges they faced.

Deutsche Kinderkrebsstiftung [2015]. I took part in the Berlin Half Marathon raising funds for a Germany charity that supports kids with cancer. – www.

The Kili Centre [2006-2015], located in Moshi, Tanzania, had a mission to provide shelter and support for orphans and street children, with a strong focus on in-community outreach, particularly in the areas of health and education. During this time, I actively assisted the centre through organising regular fundraising events, enhancing their online presence, and managing digital activities. I spent several months on-site during three separate visits, contributing to English and creative education efforts.

Our fundraising initiatives included coordinating 100-person poker evenings and providing 100 pairs of football shoes. I continued to support the centre until 2015, at which point the founder passed away.

Tsunami Auctions [2004].Following the devastating natural disaster that affected a significant portion of Asia on Boxing Day in 2004, I utilised my network in Luxembourg to coordinate a fundraising event. The response was truly remarkable, and we had such a high volume of donations that we had to organise eight separate auction events spanning two nights to manage them all effectively.

I oversaw the entire project, which involved securing suitable venues, cataloging the donated items, hiring skilled comperes, managing the auction process, arranging for press coverage, and securing support from local radio stations for announcements. In the end, the funds we raised, totalling over 12,000€, were directed to Médecins Sans Frontières to support their relief efforts.

Dyspel Balloon Launch: ‘…all sorts of minds’ [2003]. Individuals with learning difficulties face a range of challenges, spanning from mild dyslexia to severe mental disabilities. In Luxembourg, these individuals were often grouped together under a single classification, which sometimes required them to relinquish certain competencies to guardianship in order to access government support. Dyspel, a local charity, aimed to shed light on this issue and offer assistance to those affected.

During the European Year of People with Disabilities (EYPD) in 2003, I served as the Head of Design Club Luxembourg and led an innovative guerrilla event. This event was designed to emphasize that not all disabilities are immediately visible. Our team, with the help of dedicated volunteers, successfully gathered the necessary donations to organise a surprise balloon launch at Place de Guillaume, located in the heart of Luxembourg.

In my role as the project manager, I secured a competition prize (a Hot Air Balloon Trip for 2) and initiated a seeding campaign with local radio stations. Additionally, I coordinated press attendance, obtained air traffic control clearance, and devised a release mechanism for our budget-friendly nets to ensure a smooth balloon release, which was executed by the Scouts Luxembourg.

The event received coverage from prominent media outlets, including RTL Luxembourg, 352, Ara City Radio, and Waky Radio.

Watch the event here