Entrepreneurial & Projects


Junipp Logo

Junipp focuses on the artisan drinks market, JUNIPP seeks to profile small batch distilleries and craft beers from round the world. It is the ground work for a new project.

Website: www.junipp.net
Connection: founder. Status: recently launched

Anikibo was a marketplace for independent publishers of printed magazines, zines and comics. Set up in 2013 it was the ground work for a broader scope of selling Art online with an investment algorithm. It was not possible to sustain after the past year due to personal reasons.

Connection: founder. Status: defunct

UPFRONT Music & Listings Magazine, established 2006 in Luxembourg ran thirteen issues. It acquired good respectability for its promotion of the local nightlife and culture scene.

Connection: founder. Status: defunct

Companion.lu was the first dating website focused on the Saar-Lor-Lux region. Set up in 2004 it was focused on capturing the 450,000 commuters (transfrontalier) who converged on Luxembourg on a daily basis.

Connection: founder. Status: defunct


NearPossible is seeking opinion how cybernetic and similar technology products can enter the mainstream market without immediate backlash whilst maintaining a current view on the development of this type of technologies.

Website: www.nearpossible.com
Connection: founder. Status: live

Indigits profiles, in Q&A style; musicians, artists, designers, creatives and photographers as a matter of personal interest.

Website: www.indigits.net
Connection: founder. Status: live

The Golden Ducks was the Alternative Design & Communication Awards. Established in 2005 it ran for 5 years, growing in reputation and audience attendance. The final show hosted over 300 participants and was featured on multiple TV & radio shows as well as local features in various newspapers and magazines.

Connection: founder. Status: defunct

Limerickpedia was a parody of the Wikipedia site except in this encyclopedia everything rhymes.

Website: www.limerickpedia.com
Connection: founder. Status: In review (with ChatGTP)

Spectaclés – [Luxembourg 2009]
One off magazine developed as a project within Colophon, an Independent Magazine Festival

Art Echo (Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain) – [Luxembourg 2005 & 2007]
Creative writing & performance project.